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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Sep 25, 2020

Frank Buxton’s adaptation of The War of the Worlds puts the famous events of Orson Welles’ 1938 broadcast right in our own backyards. Tune in as Director Kate Meyers and a cast featuring Erik Van Beuzekom, John Ellis, Matt Longmire, Diane Walker, Pete Benson, Fred Saas, Kate Pippinger, Dolly Courtway, Bob Tull, Walt Brown, and Andrew Bendokas bring this classic H.G. Wells story to thrilling new life.

Join us for a live Talkback Sunday, September 27 at 3:00 p.m. We’ll discuss the creative process for this Bainbridge Pod Accomplice episode with Director Kate Meyers and the cast, and we’ll get the inside scoop on the podcast’s behind-the-scenes highlights on Facebook Live.

The Bainbridge Pod Accomplice is a free podcast featuring a series of plays starring your favorite local performers and directors.

Audio Engineer - Matt Hadlock, Creative Coordinator - Miranda Feldtman, Production Manager - Deirdre Hadlock, Director of Operations - Siobhan Maguire, Talk-Back Producer & Host - Matt Longmire, BPA Executive Director - Dominique Cantwell, BPA Public Relations Director - Sally Jo Martine

Our theme music “Swing for Mike” is written and performed by Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers.” Find out more about the band at