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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Feb 12, 2021

It’s a box of BPA chocolates from us to you!

BPA’s Bainbridge Stay At Home Companion podcast gathered Bainbridge Island talent into a weekly forum to educate, amuse, and connect islanders during the trying impacts of isolation during Covid-19. A collaboration between BPA, Bainbridge Prepares, and Bainbridge Community Broadcasting, the podcast initially aired May 5 – June 23, 2020 on BCB’s feed, “What’s Up Bainbridge?” Catch up on the full episode lineup HERE.

Curtain Speech: Written by Evelyn Cantwell and Miranda Feldtman | Featuring Evelyn Cantwell

Song: Heroes by The Hoot Hoots

Time Capsule: Written produced and voiced by Dan Rosenberg with writing help from Raffi Minasian and Eric Shamer

Song: Rental Car by Alex Fermanis

Of a Feather: Written by Wendy Wallace and featuring Matty Whitman, Pete Benson, George Shannon, and Victoria Brown

Song: Little Bird by Noah Byrd

In the Drawing Room, Part 1: Written by Miranda Feldtman and featuring Justine Stillwell, Matt Eldridge, Ali Budge, James Sgambati O’Donnell, Sophie Eldridge and John Ellis. Listen to Part 2 of “In the Drawing Room” in Episode 6

Song: Through the Grey by Lucy Bishop 

BI PI, Part 1: Written by Miranda Feldtman and featuring Jim Anderson, Liz Ellis, Matt Howe and Jennifer Carrillo. Listen to Part 2 of “BI PI” in Episode 7

Song: Hellaspawn by Baywitch

Animal Radio: Written by Layne DeGrow and Liz Ellis and featuring Henry Epp, Justin Lynn, JC Figuroa, Jesse Smith, Catherine MacLeod, Cynthia Lair, Layne DeGrow, Ted Dowling, and Kayla Teel

Song: Safety Escape by Erica Cooper

West Side Story Selections: Composed by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Jack Mason and performed by Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra

Song: Lonely Guru by Johnny Bregar

Song: On the Road by St. Paul de Vence