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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Oct 30, 2020

Before vampires sparkled or Buffy met Angel, they had the original (deeply problematic) age gap romance fueled by the desire of one to consume the other. Before Ann Rice or Richard Matheson OR EVEN BRAM STOKER, there was Sheridan Le Fanu’s… Carmilla.

Adapted by Liz Ellis & Miranda Feldtman
Directed by Kristi Ann Jacobson

Starring Miranda Feldtman, Hadassah R. Nelson, Jennie Falco, Gary Fetterplace, Jeff Brown, and Kelli McAuley.

Vocal musical coaching by Kelli McAuley
Viola music by Jenny Weaver

Laura lives a secluded existence in a castle with her father, right in the heart of the Styrian wilderness. She wants for nothing—except, perhaps, for the companionship of a girl her own age. When a seemingly chance encounter brings her into contact with Carmilla, a beautiful young countess as mysterious as she is beguiling, Laura believes her prayers have been answered… never guessing the terrifying nightmare about to unfold within her own household.

While Carmilla is not who, or what, she seems, Laura falls deeper under her new friend’s spell, and her father fights to save her from the unnatural sickness sweeping the countryside.

Join us for a live Talkback Sunday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m. Matt Longmire discusses the process for this BPA episode with the creative team. The Talkback will be hosted live with our guests over Zoom and simultaneously streamed to our Facebook page.