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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Nov 6, 2020

Jon Brenner, composer, Bainbridge Island resident and frequent BPA contributor, discusses his life and music with good friend and musical colleague Elizabeth Faye. Jon’s career spans two decades and multiple musical genres, including surf, electronic dance music, early Renaissance music, Baroque music, opera, minimalism, and classical counterpoint.

Jon Brenner + Elizabeth Faye.jpg

Jon and Elizabeth share wine and laughs (some intentional, many inadvertent) while opening doors into Jon’s various compositions and experiences, and tying his life and times to music passages that will surprise you.

Audio Engineer - Matt Hadlock, Creative Coordinator - Miranda Feldtman, Production Manager - Deirdre Hadlock, Producer - Liz Ellis, Director of Operations - Siobhan Maguire, Talk-Back Producer & Host - Matt Longmire, BPA Executive Director - Dominique Cantwell, BPA Public Relations Director - Sally Jo Martine

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