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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Jan 15, 2021

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we’re thrilled to welcome Anzanga’s joyful sounds and lively rhythms from Southern Africa. This Seattle-based ensemble has brought the electrifying and energizing music of African marimba to the national and international stage with regional appearances at the Northwest Folklife Festival and Bumbershoot as well as performances in South Africa and China.

Anzanga 2016 Podcast.jpg

The troupe celebrates 33 years of performing throughout the Northwest and globally. Anzanga plays using seven marimbas—three sopranos, two tenors, a baritone, and a bass—and hoshos, or gourd shakers. The marimbas are hand-crafted xylophones made from various hardwoods. The tuning is based on the tonalities found in Zimbabwean music. Each key sits above a resonator that has a vibrating membrane which amplifies the sound and adds a unique “buzz” to the music.


Audio Engineer - Matt Hadlock, Creative Coordinator - Miranda Feldtman, Production Manager - Deirdre Hadlock, Producer - Liz Ellis, Director of Operations - Siobhan Maguire, Talk-Back Producer & Host - Matt Longmire, BPA Executive Director - Dominique Cantwell, BPA Public Relations Director - Sally Jo Martine

Ranger and the Re-Arrangers.jpg


Our theme music “Swing for Mike” is written and performed by Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers.” Find out more about the band at