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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Mar 26, 2021

BPA friends Todd Erler and Bob Nash are Rye & Barley, a North Kitsap folk duo with a Celtic bent. Rye & Barley has been playing upbeat Irish and Scottish Pub tunes around Kitsap and slightly beyond for about 10 years. As brothers from other mothers, the duo’s personalities, politics, and life paths are very different, but they remain cemented together by their love of music, a good Irish whiskey, and fishing. They have been known to turn any venue or event into an Irish pub in a matter of minutes, regaling any crowd with the stories and histories of their deep list of traditional tunes. They love songs about drinking, sailing, drinking and sailing, sailing while drinking, love both requited and unrequited, murder, and good old-fashioned Irish rebel tunes. You can find them on Spotify or Facebook as “Rye and Barley.”   

R&B at BB3.jpg

Todd Erler is a teacher, musician, actor, director, and improviser. Todd has been in numerous shows at BPA and is a proud member of The EDGE Improv group. He teaches at Odyssey, and currently plays music six feet away from everyone in a tent.

Bob Nash is a retired U.S. Naval officer, is married to his wife of 40 years Clarice, and has three children. He plays drums for the swing band Rude and Unprofessional and Leavenworth’s Musikkapelle, and is the principal percussionist in the Poulsbo Community Orchestra. He has played percussion in over three dozen local plays as well. Bob loves fishing and playing live Irish music whenever possible.


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Our theme music “Swing for Mike” is written and performed by Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers.” Find out more about the band at