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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Jun 16, 2020

The seventh episode of Bainbridge Stay At Home Companion, “Through The Grey,” hosted by Madelaine Figueroa and featuring comedy by Dan Rosenberg, the conclusion to the mystery of B.I. P.I., and music by Lucy Bishop.

“May I Have Your Attention Please: The Love Boat” Featuring Ann Wilkinson-Ellis and Ryan O’Donnell, written by Miranda Feldtman and Liz Ellis, edited by Liz Ellis

“The Time Capsule” Performed and produced by Dan Rosenberg, written by Dan Rosenberg with Raffi Minasian and Eric Schiemer

“BI PI: Finish What You Startered” Written by Miranda Feldtman, featuring Jim Anderson, Liz Ellis, Matt Howe, and Brian Danzig, edited by Miranda Feldtman and Liz Ellis, music includes “Dances and Dames” by Kevin MacLeod (CC-BY,

Our theme music is by Adam Prairie.