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Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

Dec 4, 2020

Tune in for The EDGE and their Island-famous improvisation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” The EDGE delivers imagination on demand, and while the story may not take place in Victorian London and it may not include all the characters you remember, it might make you scratch your head: “Just how does this relate to the holiday classic?!” Sure, this podcast episode will likely feature Scrooge, Marley, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and several ghosts, but probably not the way you remember them.

The troupe’s riotous antics have inspired rave reviews from shrewd onlookers since the dawn of time. As audience member David R. said, “A performance by The EDGE is like sunlit skies, a giant hug, your favorite dessert, a massage, or anything you love – all wrapped up into a laugh-filled bundle of bliss.”

This episode features Chris Soldevilla, Ken Ballinger, Susan MacPherson, Matty Whitman, Todd Erler, and Andrew Shields.

Audio Engineer - Matt Hadlock, Creative Coordinator - Miranda Feldtman, Production Manager - Deirdre Hadlock, Producer - Liz Ellis, Director of Operations - Siobhan Maguire, Talk-Back Producer & Host - Matt Longmire, BPA Executive Director - Dominique Cantwell, BPA Public Relations Director - Sally Jo Martine